Thursday Thoughts: Leading in times of crisis and uncertainty

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

It's safe to say we are living in uncertain and scary times. With this pandemic, it's unprecedented times.

In Australia alone, prior to covid, the travel, tourism hospitality industry had to deal with climate change, bushfires ravaging the country and even a few big travel company collapses one of which was a company I use to work for and spent many years (blood sweat and tears) helping to build, a business I had treated like my own.

Even though I left two years prior to the collapse, it didn't lesson the stomach churning sickness I felt when many customers were left stranded with no booking right before Christmas, travel agents forking out their own money to ensure the customers were well looked after and employees not getting paid what they were legally owed.

It was devastating and heartbreaking to watch from the sidelines but when I started receiving calls, emails and many questions from travel agents, industry associates and current and former employees - I realised the extent and certainly got a better understanding of, the devastation and the mess the collapse had.

And just when I thought the industry had recovered, Covid19 stopped, borders closed and it affected so many of my friends, family and travel associates. Globally it affected and impacted on millions of peoples lives and livelihoods. I watched as the industry started to implode...retail bricks and mortar travel agencies closed their shops, millions of employees being stood down, furloughed or being made redundant and companies going under from the weight of it all - good people left the industry just to survive, it was and is heartbreaking just thinking about it.

Again, I started receiving calls, emails and fielded many questions from employees and organisations alike. Like the collapse, I was there to offer a listening ear, support and provide advice where I could. But listening to some of the organisational issues that companies and employees were facing, I started noticing a reoccurring theme and pattern.

And now, with the protests in America and around the world, we are yet in another crisis. Through company collapses, the pandemic and current events today, what I am seeing and experiencing is much of the same - it all comes down to leadership or lack thereof.

So, over the coming weeks on Thursday, I will delve into the topic of "leading in times of crisis and uncertainty" and share some of my own experiences of what the good and not so good organisations and their leaders were doing (or not doing) for their people. I will do this in three parts;

  • First, what they did BEFORE a crisis

  • Second, what they did DURING a crisis

  • And lastly, some lessons learnt

Hopefully this will help you to prepare for, learn from and act on what needs to be done and how to lead during times of crisis and uncertainty.

Looking forward to sharing this and having a discussion with you all next Thursday, see you then.

- Joana x


Joana is a natural born leader, strategist, problem solver, business partner & advisor, online business coach, employee & customer experience champion, people & culture advocate, HR leader, home decor & organisation enthusiast and, serious coffee drinker 😜

Her mission is to help startups and small businesses to grow and scale by transforming their employee and customer experience into something unique, exciting and extraordinary with the ultimate aim of creating viable and profitable organisations.

Her vision and mission is to inspire the next generation of servant and transformational leaders with her ultimate aim of changing the world one business and leader at a time - follow her quest and journey here!


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