Technology, friend or foe?

I truly believe that the secret ingredient to an organisation's success is understanding the company’s WHY, creating and cultivating a culture of trust and camaraderie and focusing on the experience of our most valuable assets...our people, both employees and customers alike. But, yes there’s a big BUT...we cannot do this without technology!

Actually let me rephrase that, in order for us to achieve the desired results and outcomes we want and allow us to focus on more important matters such as the employee and customer experience, we need to utilise and embrace technology. After all, automation is salvation...but why do we fear it so much?

Embrace it don't fight it

I believe it’s because we fear that the machines will displace us and take over our roles. Thinking that technology and AI can somehow replace human decision-making abilities is beyond me. That somehow we lose our value or worth so we spend the time fighting and resisting instead of embracing it.

Yes, learning new things, software systems and technology in particular, can be scary. It’s hard and it’s uncomfortable. It certainly isn't for the fainthearted. It is much easier for us to roll ourselves up in our security blanket then to risk looking stupid because we don't know how to use something.

Encourage learning

But that’s why when leading teams and individuals, I cultivate a mindset of learning and growing into our daily routine. I am also not afraid of asking the stupid questions because I guarantee you, someone in the room is thinking it. The other thing I do at the end of every meeting now is to ask “what is the biggest thing you learnt?”

It takes practice and the first few times there are some awkward silences but eventually, everyone becomes open to sharing their lessons and ideas. Make an agenda item out of it where people can share new technologies they have stumbled upon. Whatever you do, just make it a habit for individuals and teams to share insights and learn from one other.

Point is, technology is about having the right information at the right time to make the right decisions so for me technology is a friend not a foe. It isn't and shouldn't be the enemy.

IT is an enhancer and enabler

For me, technology is an enabler and it allows me to multiply, enhance and scale my efforts and, as a leader, I want my teams to feel empowered. Importantly, to be effective. I want to super size their efforts and allow them to focus on more important matters. So if I can invest in technology that will allow them to do this as well as develop and grow their skills for the future, then why not?

Critically, when charting a way forward and future proofing our organisations, we need to allow and make room for technology - let it do the heavy lifting. Part of my business process improvement and organisational design process is to find ways where technology can help organisations, teams and individuals to be more collaborative and productive. Online collaboration tools such as Slack, Trello, Jira, Google Suite usually do the trick.

Saves time and money

Technology doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise either. You do not need to hire a huge development team as there are a number of apps and technology solutions that can reduce or lower your costs, streamline your resources and even save you time and money. And, that is why technology is my friend and secret weapon.

So, the next time you or anyone in the organisation questions if we even need technology, the answer should always be a resounding yes because technology is your friend. Utilise it and embrace it.

Is technology your friend? Or your foe? What technology solutions are you using to help enable and empower you and your teams?

In the meantime, if you need assistance with a digital or tech audit and transformation, get in touch, I am more than happy to help.

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Listen. Learn. Lead.

- Joana x

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Joana is a natural born leader, strategist, problem solver, business partner & advisor, online business coach, employee & customer experience champion, people & culture advocate, HR leader, home decor & organisation enthusiast and, serious coffee drinker ️☕️ 😜

Her mission is to help startups and small businesses to grow and scale by transforming their employee and customer experience into something unique, exciting and extraordinary with the ultimate aim of future proofing organisations.

Her vision is to inspire the next generation of servant and transformational leaders and, change the world, one business and leader at a time - follow her quest and journey here!


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