Change the plan but not the goal

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Firstly, apologies that I have been MIA but I have been busy working on myself, discovering the world, moving the family from Sydney to Bangkok, saving the world from company collapses and global pandemics by helping people who have been made redundant or stood down helping them write their CVs, find jobs and mentor them through these difficult times.

I have also been busily working on relaunching this site. Say hello to the new and improved Simple Scalable Solutions.

Why the rebirth and relaunch?

Well, theres a couple of reasons;

Firstly, I have started a new adventure with my young family and recently moved to a new city (hello Bangkok). With that I have had to rebuild my brand and client base whilst keeping in touch with those in Sydney.

Secondly, like many others around the world, COVID19 has affected and impacted the way in which we live, work and interact with others and during isolation and many nights reflecting on the future and 'what next', I realised that the future of work had changed and with that so must I. I had to change the business plan but not the goal.

The greatest thing about all this is that it has given me time. Time to spend with my family, time to work on my startup business and time without distractions. Why waste this precious time on things I was not passionate about, right?!

So I started writing down and thinking about what I was passionate about, what I was good at, the value I could add and bring and importantly what we wanted to achieve while here in Bangkok away from family and friends. I also took the opportunity to relook at my vision, values and the reason why I do what I do.

Importantly, I took the opportunity and time to learn new skills, improve old ones and take a moment to discover and learn.

I also restructured my 9 to 5 business redefining what we do, how and where we do it and when - offering our consulting services online specifically, our business management system, our outsourced HR solutions and services and our leadership training and mentoring sessions. Look out for business templates and training programmes online that you can share and download too.

Passion vs Purpose

I also came to the realisation that I have always been passionate about organising... whether it is people, processes or things. I will literally organise anything and everything and, do it with fervour, grace and style!

In business, its organising people, processes and projects and creating an environment where people, culture and productivity shines. At home, it's organising the fridge, the pantry, bathroom, playroom, wardrobe, pretty much every nook and cranny you can think of...I am obsessed with home organisation, home decor, homewares and not many know this but I actually do this as a side hobby and hustle.

So, I decided to also dedicate a section of my website to home organisation and anything that 'maketh a home'. You can follow my love of home organisation, styling and design and follow my journey on how I transform places and spaces into an organised, luxurious and relaxed sanctuary.

Through the blog I will be sharing anything from starting a business from the ground up to leading teams and organisations to creating awesome employee and customer experiences with a particular focus on the startup, SME and travel space as well as sharing real and raw experiences, my journey into home decor and design, styling tips and tricks, organisational hacks and templates and anything else I am passionate about, which is a lot.

This is part personal branding exercise, getting my brand and services online to reach a wider audience while redefining the work I do and part personal and lifestyle blog.

Hopefully it inspires you, drives you, provokes and challenges you and, ultimately grows you to be the best version of yourself you can be and connects you with the brands and products I love....importantly, that you find your passion and purpose just as I have. 

For now, just call this a labour of life and love, and the weird and wonderful journey in between! Whatever you're here for, welcome, explore, engage and, enjoy! - Joana x


Joana is a natural born leader, strategist, problem solver, business partner & advisor, online business coach, employee & customer experience champion, people & culture advocate, HR leader, home decor & organisation enthusiast and, serious coffee drinker 😜

Her mission is to help startups and small businesses to grow and scale by transforming their employee and customer experience into something unique, exciting and extraordinary with the ultimate aim of creating viable and profitable organisations.

Her vision and mission is to inspire the next generation of servant and transformational leaders with her ultimate aim of changing the world one business and leader at a time - follow her quest and journey here!


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