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About Joana

She is a nationally certified and senior HR practitioner of the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI), keynote speaker and multi-award winning executive with over 15 years’ experience primarily within the digital, technology, SME and start up space and, the travel, tourism and hospitality industry.
She has spent the last10+ years in senior leadership positions managing and leading organisations through high-growth, digital and technology transformations and, complex change focussing on HR and operations ie the people, processes, products and organisational productivity.
During her career, she has successfully negotiated a national enterprise agreement (EBA), expanded into new markets, delivered cost-saving measures, oversaw global projects, teams and systems, improved business processes and products, set up global follow the sun call centres and operations, developed high-performing teams, drove the people and culture agenda to become an employer of choice, scaled organisations and transformed workplaces into leading brands with unique employee and customer value propositions.
As she has worked her way up the corporate ladder, she is both operational and strategic and has experience at a local and global level enabling her to act local but think global, specialising in APAC.
Learn more about Joana here or follow her journey through her blog.
Helping Hands


To help change the world, one business and leader at a time

Her Why



 To influence and lead the next generation of servant and transformational leaders to put people before profits  



To help businesses transform their organisations into an exciting, unique and extraordinary workplace where employees and customers feel heard and valued 

Her Story


The start of her journey


...began in 2017 when she walked away from a travel startup she help build and one that she treated like her own. She had poured her heart and soul, blood sweat and tears and, dedicated many years helping set the company up for success. Prior to her leaving, she was at the height of her career, the company and its people were thriving... winning awards, becoming a leading brand, growing and scaling exponentially.


However when she left to have her second child, it all went awry...she had been gone for two months and was asked to return to fix a few issues but as much as she tried to fix the direction it was going, she had absolutely no control over it...damage had been done, the company had been mismanaged, the culture and unity was tainted and as a result, good people left. She had exhausted herself mentally, physically and emotionally to steer it back in the right direction but her efforts were fruitless. She could clearly see the iceberg coming and knew it would inevitably sink she just didn't know when so she made the hardest decision of her career and, walked away.


2 years after leaving, it eventually did collapse leaving a trail of uncertainty and destruction in its wake and, many employees, customers, and travel agents stranded and out of pocket. Although she was left feeling helpless watching from the sidelines and absolutely devastated by the destruction the collapsed had caused the industry, she felt fortunate that she had already forged her own path and was helping other startups and businesses to grow and scale. It also solidified that she had made the right decision and to always trust her gut.

"I have to face life with a newly found passion. I must rediscover the irresistible will to learn, to live and to love"

- Andrea Bocelli