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We help businesses grow and scale

About Us

We are a team of investors, entrepreneurs, experts in their field, executives, technology enthusiasts, business and servant leaders who know and understand how difficult it is to grow and scale a business.


Business is brutal, it's hard and it's certainly not for the faint-hearted. We have experienced failure, executive burnout, imposter syndrome and even witnessed companies go under - we know what not to do. That's why we want to help other business owners and budding entrepreneurs in their journey to success (whatever that may look like to them) by providing a collective network and support system who have done this before and, are willing to help. 


We believe by partnering with you, adding value, solving your complex business problems and giving you the tools and resources + advising and mentoring you along the way, will give the the best possible chance at sustainable success.

Glass Buildings

Our Story

Our journey started in 2017 after we worked for many startups and small organisations that had rapidly moved to a medium sized business...hoping to become a unicorn or billion dollar business.

But in that journey we saw these high scale, high growth businesses buckle under the sheer weight and pressure of their own success. Because as they grew, their systems and processes became more complex and unmanageable. Many of them went under as a result of this. 

We realised during this, that the secret ingredient to successfully growing and scaling sustainably, is to simplify systems and, processes...even the communication of a company's purpose and values so that everyone in the organisation pulls in the same direction.

IT, technology systems are infinitely complex and more often than not, we see organisations try to keep up with success by adding more and more complexity to their processes and operations. Reality is, it will stop you from being able to scale.

For us, it's about bringing teams of people together and rallying them around a single message and communicating it in a simple way that everyone can understand, recognise and get behind.

It's about getting the right people, in the right roles at the right time and providing them with the systems, tools and resources to do their job effectively. It needs to be easy and simple, not an overcomplicated convoluted mess. 

Thats why we created Simple Scalable Solutions. We define and create simple solutions to common but complex organisational problems and reimagine the way business works particularly at the early stages - the most critical and important time for a startup and small business. 

As we grew, and continue to grow, we enlist the help of our connections to form a community of successful investors,  entrepreneurs, leaders and experts in their fields to help bring it altogether and support those we partner with. Because we not only partner with and invest in budding entrepreneurs but mentor, coach and guide them every step of the way.

After all, our purpose is to help and add value. And ultimately, we want to change the world, one business at a time.

Our Comittment



We are committed to always being open, honest and transparent in everything we do, that is our promise



Trust, and to be trusted, is important to us so we will always find ways to create, earn and build trust



We believe that communication collaboration and coming together is paramount to success

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